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Welcome to Internet Outsource Tampabay Information Resources : A reference library for those who want to get intelligently involved in the production of their web site, as well as those who just need the basics to understand what is going on in the development process. Photographs, etc., are only used in this section when they are needed to demonstrate something.

Be sure to use the search function on the right to find sub topics or specific words or file types.

The page links are organized in a logical order. At the right of every resources page, under the search box, you will see "Resource Topics" this navigates you through the reference section:

  • Define mission: Pay attention here! It is the most important page in this section. What do you want this site to do for you? You can't get there if you don't know where there is. This area also addresses the color choices that must be made before construction begins. They might be dictated by your logo or official company colors. The page design would have to subordinate to these. Define your mission and colors first - and then move to:

  • Simplify: Get answers to the questions you may have about the level of technology you may or may not need. And lo, beware of the caffeinated techie - they love to use the latest and highest level of complication - its in their genes!

AFTER you know your basic direction, you are now ready to submit content. This area guides you through the next steps of submitting your personal content - i.e. images and text copy. There's all you need to know and more there, and even a button for personal inquiry if your problem is one we haven't previously encountered.

  • Submit Graphics: Optimization of graphics is covered in "submit graphics", but you should, whenever possible, send originals and let us do the optimizing

  • Submit Copy: Word processing programs like MS Word add TONS of  code that shouldn't be in a web page.  Learn how to avoid the cost of edits. Key Words or Search Words and descriptions are also covered here, and that is a good place to spend some quality time. You know your business better than anyone outside your field.

  • Accountability: Internet Outsource Tampabay provides the client with a fail safe way to see just what each day's man-hours have yielded. There is an in-out time field with descriptions and links to the area worked on, and a running tally of charges and payments. This, I feel, is a far better than quoting a set price for the whole project. And here is why —

  • Site Submission programs and SEO cons: After your web site is online you will get lots of offers to "guarantee" you get to the top of Google search results.

With a set price you get a set product. The designer/developer will not let you "re-spec" the job (do more for the same price), and changing directions is a common part of a good project. If you get a better idea the designer can go with it. If you decide to omit a planned section, you don't pay for it anyway. You can cut it short or you can make it grander, you're the boss.

  • Experienced contractors always over spec to allow for unforeseen additions rather than haggle after the fact. A contractor who quotes a set price will basically give you a Chinese restaurant lunch special. One from column A, one from from column B - and none from column C.

  • What Internet Outsource Tampabay basically offers is an open ended style of projec-cost management and vendor accountability.


To sum it all up: Internet Outsource Tampabay is a professional consultant for clients on all aspects from planning to promotion. These pages amount to free consultation to ease your duties as a supplier of your text and graphic content. Internet Outsource Tampabay (IOT) Resources are available 24/7 and You can print out a printer-friendly Resource page on the needed topic.

An enlightened thinker is like a man who gradually struggles free of the chains of illusion in an underground cave and who learns by ascending to the world above and viewing things in the light of day, finally discovering the essence of truth by gazing at the sun itself.

However, it is not enough for the philosopher to grasp truth for himself: he has a responsibility to descend back into the cave of illusion and free the prisoners of falsehood. ………………Plato

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