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All about submitting your site to search engines.

What Exactly is Real SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for "search engine optimization."

When your site goes public you will likely be contacted by spamming and telemarketing people claiming that they can unfairly manipulate search engine results and push you to the top. Some use shady, unethical tactics.

Google and Yahoo have the best engineers in the industry and they spend lots of time beating these tactics - save your money. Eighty percent of SEO out there is bullshit!

SEO is not promotion and advertising - it is preparation for it!


No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google - not even Google!

Don't trust people that claim to guarantee rankings, or claim that they have a "special relationship" with Google or Yahoo.

There is no "priority submit" to Google. Don't believe us - email them and offer them anything! The only way to submit a site to Google - or Yahoo - is through their Add URL page (typical) or through their Webmaster Tools - which Internet Outsource Tampabay can do for you when your site is complete.

Internet Outsource Tampabay offers savvy copy editing that can increase your key word density within existing copy - that is what the search engines really search.

Despite what some people believe, Yahoo still reads the key word meta tag and then scans your text to see if the key words you claim, actually appear on the page. The more they appear in the text, the higher your "Key Word Density".

Since MSN was unsuccessful in buying Yahoo they have decided to use Yahoo to power their "Live Search"- so optimizing for Yahoo also optimizes for MSN. MSN has a high "conversion rate", or visitor-to-buyer rate, than most other search engines.

Internet Outsource Tampabay builds web sites to strict compliance with Google and Yahoo design standards as a matter of policy. There is no extra charge to optimize your site's physical design - it is done automatically as it is built.

Beyond these considerations of what is called "organic" optimization it is wise to invest in a pay-per-click ad campaign with Google Ad Words or Yahoo Search Marketing. They are  pay per click plans where you can make your own bid and set your own budget for advertising. However, even this will not guarantee a spot at the top of the regular ("organic") listings. That is based on relevancy and popularity, and thus is very fair indeed.

Optimization is slightly different for Google and Yahoo. We can optimize your site more precisely when we know if you are planning to market with Google or Yahoo. We can help you with your marketing campaign.

We can:

  • Test prospective keywords for popularity.
  • Monitor which key search words (in current use) get viewed, which ones don't get viewed and which ones get click-throughs.
  • Change and adapt your list of search words - dump the dogs and keep the winners.
  • Edit existing copy to increase key word density.


Before you go out and spend thousands on SEO - spend 26 bucks on this book!



Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

There are lots of programs and services that claim to submit your site to hundreds of search engines with a single click.

Think of these factors when considering such a program or service:

  • How many search engines can you name?

  • How many do you use?

  • Most search engines get their listings from Google and Yahoo!

  • If you are listed with the top players you will be picked up by the rest - no bull!

  • To submit your site someone must manually code your home page for Google, and be logged in to Yahoo to submit to them. For many others. like MSN, you must read and type a scrambled security code to submit. These all have to be done manually.

The search engine administrators do not want people spamming the search engines. The majors made sure that there is no way to auto submit to a legitimate search engine! There is only one effective way to submit your site to the world of search engines and Internet Outsource Tampabay does it that way.

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