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The "Virtual Office"

What is a virtual office and why is it better?
The most cost effective office space is a home office separated from the rest of the house. It is not only becoming a more and more popular option, but sometimes the difference between surviving and not surviving a difficult economic era.


The virtual office is maintained solely by the outsource designer - at no expense to the company contracting the work. Using a staffed, on-site outsource loses this savings.


The virtual, or off-site, office supplies the outsource worker with his or her optimum work environment, as well as all the essentials a hiring company would have to provide. This is a great solution for small to mid size businesses.

This concept differs hugely from an on-site outsource solution. With an on-site outsource you are simply handing management over to someone else - you haven't eliminated the major overhead and complications of being an employer.

I was fascinated recently by an office building that said "virtual office space" on it. If you can hit it with a cruise missle - it ain't virtual.

Off-site designers and developers provide their own:


  • Computers, software and updates for software.
  • Scanners, digital cameras and lighting equipment.
  • Repair and maintenance of the above.
  • Heating and cooling.
  • All training.
  • The office space itself.
  • Anything needed.
People who work in their own office space are generally happier because :


  • They start the day free of the stress of hurrying out the door and dealing with rush hour traffic.
    • Eliminating travel time can reduce stress and shorten the work day dramatically. A work day starts the moment you leave your home.
    • Even with time - gross means nothing - net means everything.
  • They are unaffected by gossip, personal conflicts and inter-office intrigue.
  • They can play their favorite background music - or work in total silence if they prefer.
  • They can adjust, to their comfort level, the....
      • temperature
      • air quality (people with allergies can use an air filter)
      • brightness of lighting
  • They can dress comfortably and have the company of a beloved cat or dog curled up beside them. Don't laugh - this would be highly valued by many.

  • Work at home mothers can take children to school and pick them up when needed.
    • And, as stated elsewhere they save the huge expense of child care.
    • Children playing after school are no more distracting than office chatter.
  • They have better options for illness and epidemics:
    • Slightly ill people needn't lose hours to protect others at the office.
    • Conversely - healthy people are not exposed to epidemics spread in a close office environment.

    • They also are not hit with the conflict of calling in a sick day because their child has a cold. Add to this, in an office, you are exposed to every bug that every one of your co-workers' children are exposed to.

People who work in their own office space will do whatever it takes to maintain this status. That is in your favor.

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