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What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing - does not mean sending work to India or China. It merely means using off-site, non employees for certain tasks. In our case, in Tampa Bay - not Bombay.

"Road Warrior" - is a full W2 employee who works off-site. They are not outsources. It is common practice now and a step in the right direction.

Off-Shoring - Some companies do choose to outsource non-American labor. This is more accurately referred to now as off-shoring.

Overseas Manufacturing - If local labor out prices itself manufacturers will open plants overseas. They hire full time employees there, thus they are not outsourcing.

Using off-site, American, 1099 contractees is the way to lower costs of communication based services - while still retaining culture savvy workers!
What is outsourcing?

Who killed US auto manufacturing?

A simple answer - the UAW!

It's great when American labor gets paid more, but when the UAW muscles it's way to $80 an hour for low tech labor, the autos become too expensive for Americans to buy. Buyers then vote with their wallets and buy foreign.

SO - is "outsourcing killing our country"?

  • Outsourcing is not offshore manufacturing
  • Outsourcing can be done locally, out of state or out of country
  • Outsourcing has nothing to do with import/export imbalance

Local Outsourcing Is The Way To Compete Globally

The days of a guaranteed job for life are gone. Jobs now are solely dependent on providing a needed service for a fair price. You can charge as much as you want for your service but it doesn't mean anything if no one is willing to pay it.

Government jobs are no longer bullet proof. If there is a shift in government spending in a new regime, jobs will be cut.

To keep working in the days ahead, we will all have to cut the the client/employer cost of maintaining our services
The key is dismantling the corporate bloat of "clipboard carriers" and meaningless meetings in favor of a client-vendor relationship of service buyers and service providers. I have seen needless overhead created in my short stay in the corporate environment.

Tenure tends to demotivate
and strip away the survival imperitive. If one feels hie mere presence is value given, then productivity is sacrificed.
In a client/vendor relationship, those that produce are rewarded with the only tangible "security" available in the real business world - that of continued need for his service or product.

Price point of offshore labor is the real obstacle
to keeping wages here in the US. We need to find creative ways to lower our labor costs without resorting to living in hovels. Local outsourcing is just that.

Fortune is fickle and wanders the globe like a warm breeze, lingering momentarily, then moving on. We must recognize changing tide of events and adapt, or be swept away by it.

Local outsourcing of internet professionals is just organizing American freelancers into a virtual networks that resemble companies or agencies - without the cumbersome overhead that forces buyers overseas to survive this troubled economy.

......Michael Walls


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