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City traffic can start a work day with stress

employees have overhead

These crucial factors directly impact what the prospective employee will demand as livable salary.


Worker cost to be on-site and 'company image compliant'.

  • Suitable Wardrobe


  • Automobile

    • Initial cost of vehicle
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Gasoline

      - the" G Word!"
      • In the coming days companies will either have to shell out for worker gas expenses or select potential candidates literally from their own back yard.
    • Highway tolls
      • These don't even address the lengthening of the work day and stress due to travel time and traffic jams.
  • Lunches Out


  • Child Care

    (children playing outside after school are no more distracting than typical office chatter)
    • Child care constitutes a major weekly expense for young families.
  • Cell Phones for Personal Communication

    • Absolutely necessary for working mothers


Why use off-site designers? The advantages to the hiring company are obvious - nothing in the remote office is purchased, rented or maintained by the employer.

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